Ko Myo ( full name is Min Myo Nyan Win ) is a freelance documentary photographer. I was born in Yangon in 1978. I start taking photograph in 2013. After studying photography course in Myanmar Photographer Society , I continue joined the Documentary Photography Course at French institute at Yangon, Myanmar.I entered Yangon Photo Festival in 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017. My stories have got awarded 4th prize for both 2014, 2015. Top 10 nominated in 2016 and 3rd price awarded on 2017.

I travel across many places in  Myanmar where elephants frequent and shoot photograph about the story of elephants. My story idea is that love is a thing which can be share among men, animal, even between man and animal. Because of many reasons such as deforestation, men expanding their areas into the forests,  that elephant grazing areas become less and less since men extend cultivation, elephants are changing their behaviors and getting conflict with human.

Now the number of elephants become less and less in Myanmar, because they are killed in the forests where law could not reach, for taking tusks, skins and bones of elephants.  And my intention is to protect the elephants by using my photography skill to alert the public to participate in it. Now elephants are not used in wood production industry so the masters are facing with financial problems for their lives and also for their elephants. Therefore they have changed their plan to hire their elephants in traditional festivals and ceremony of novitiation. That’s our effort for people to get awareness of relationship between human and animal.