Beautiful Girl

A new born calf was left by her mother elephant who was driven forcefully away by villagers, in 2016’s Monsoon.Later, the villagers discovered tragically the calf.  The baby was placed in the care of the community vet who was in charge at the elephant shelter in kyankin township, Ayarwady Division, Myanmar. The relationship between the calf the care taker become stronger and stronger, even like father and daughter. But the chance of survival for her is very less. She has been fed with milk made of milk  powder for humans. Therefore the calf suffered from malnutrition and diarrhea. Finally, the calf was placed among the other female elephants to live naturally. But failed since the elephant calf seemingly did not know how to deal with other elephants. After a few failed attempts, there were no option but to feed the orphaned elephant calf with hand- extracted milk from working elephants at the shelter and human milk from mahouts’ wives. Sadly after 23 days the calf died. “Insufficient financial support and incapable of systematic caring had caused the calf die early”, muttered the vet in grievance. Her funeral, like for human, was held in which Buddhist monks chanting.